We believe that instead of worrying about putting Jesus first in your life, we should be worrying about making him the center of every area of your life.
    We are inclusive! Why? Because we believe we are better when we are together. All people are loved by Jesus. We offer no apologies and are specifically focused on reaching those far away from God. We desire to look in the dark. We believe light is best seen in the night.
    Good is the enemy of greatness. We don't believe Jesus hung to just hang through life. True greatness takes initiative, creativity, perseverance, and never doing things halfway. If we're going to do it, it's to the best of our ability.
    We don't believe in being a benchwarmer! Get in the game. If you're alone on the sideline, you're too small to lead. We believe the greatest leadership is also being the greatest servant. It's when you serve that you discover the most important things you have to offer.
    We exist to "pay it forward". First & foremost: God gave us His everything. It is a privilege to give generously our time, talent, and treasure.

Tim & Kyah Combs are the founders and lead pastors of Neon Chapel, based in Downtown Denver. Raised in preachers homes, Pastors Tim & Kyah felt the calling of God on their lives from a very early age.

After graduating from a Christian high school, Tim finished his undergraduate work at Bethany University (formerly Bethany Bible College). It was at Bethany that he met his soulmate Kyah.

Tim & Kyah were involved in high profile ministries for many years before finally planting Neon Chapel. Pastor Tim is a gifted communicator and teacher. Kyah is a former recording artist/worship leader/songwriter. Located in the heart of downtown Denver, together and alongside their team, they have a call to serve their city and make an impact worldwide through the life-transforming message of hope and love.

Giving is an opportunity to support and come alongside the vision of Neon Chapel to wholeheartedly love and meet the needs of Denver Metro. A “Light the Night” Partner is any person who sets up online recurring giving at Neon Chapel Denver. Light the Night Partners enable us to keep ministry high and overhead low. We automate the things that are important to us in life like car payments, utility bills, mortgages; why should our generosity toward God be any different? You can set up online recurring giving by clicking on the link.
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